Krista Trotter, CLD

My name is Krista Trotter. I have been in a relationship with the love of my life since I was 15 and we have been married since 2008. We have been blessed with 4 boys Justyce, Judah, Jonah and John Henry. I have a passion to see women fulfilled in their births as much as I was with my last baby. My first 2 births I had an epidural because I thought that’s “just what you do.” I was very uninformed. I felt that when I was admitted to the hospital that I had no control over my own decisions. For a year and a half after that and through my next pregnancy I spent hours doing research on my own. I wanted to know as much as I could about having a natural birth and Breastfeeding. I quickly became enthralled with all things pregnancy and birth related. We hired a doula and transferred doctors halfway through my 3rd pregnancy. I had an amazing all natural birth with the help of my husband and my doula. Jonah’s birth was the most empowering experience of my life and I will never be the same because of it. I am passionate about my beliefs in natural birth because I know personally what it is like to be on either side. I love being a doula and all that entails! I am honored to assist other parents in the arrival of their precious blessings!