Katie’s Favorite Things

by Katie Terry

I’m first going to clarify that this is not Oprah’s favorite
things with a massive giveaway included! These are just some amazing people and
products that really helped me during my second pregnancy with my son, Silas.
And a shameless plug that Florence,
AL is awesome. To have all these
amazing things available for moms and families is incomparable!


North Alabama OBGYN

I was very fortunate to have an amazing OBGYN and Nurse
Practitioner, Dr. Mary Robbins & April Brooks, who supported me and my
desire to have an out-of-hospital birth. They worked so well with my midwife
and supported her practice. I was able to alternate appointments between my
midwife and them so that everyone was on the same page with approving my birth
plans. I started having some complications at 30 weeks with signs of preterm
labor and they worked with me to figure out what the issues was. Ended up being
nothing serious but everyone was so patient with me! We were fortunate to have
kept our plans for an out-of-hospital waterbirth and had an amazing, healthy
delivery. We did not have to use our “Plan B” which was to deliver at ECM Hospital
in the Hope Suite but I never had reservations with using that plan if
necessary. I was extremely grateful for their help and support!

Mothering Herbs

Summer McCreless is more than a Certified Herbalist, she’s
an amazing mother and supporter. She has helped many moms of the Shoals with
her organic products. I have used her Pregnancy Tea both pregnancies with is
packed with goodness for moms and babies. I’ve used her Lacation Tea which is
amazing as well. The Sitz Bath helped me during postpartum to heal quicky as
well as her Cooling Spray that helps bring relief and promotes healing as well.
I’m also using her Nipple Cream and Baby
Wash that have been great! There
is not a product of hers that I have not been satisfied with for myself or my
boys!! She has always been willing to answer any questions I have or offer
suggestions for my babes to have a healthy childhood. When you buy something
from Summer, you’re not just completing a transaction, you’re getting the best
products and support for your little ones.

Pain Center

Dr. Alexander Sayas has been my chiropractor since 2009. He
has helped me with routine visits to adjusting my jaw when I dropped a 20 lb
weight on it! Their office has always been flexible and quick to schedule
appointments and provide care. My oldest son has been adjusted by Dr. Sayas and
loves going to get “his back tickled”. Saying all that to say, he’s great with
all kinds of patients and issues! This pregnancy my little man was in the
posterior position. He practiced the Webster Technique to help flip the baby
and sure enough, he flipped shortly after my adjustment! He and my midwife
suggested wearing a Pregnancy Support Belt and that helped keep him in position
for delivery. I really do believe in chiropractor care for every ailment even
during pregnancy. Thankfully, my labor and delivery was quick and I credit Dr.
Sayas for his help with this!

Brandice Senecal, Student Massage Therapist

After leaving my first massage with Brandice, I looked at
her and said, “That was the best massage of my life!” With her experience of
pregnancy and birth through being a Doula and Student Midwife, she is extremely
knowledgably of the areas that pregnant woman need the most TLC at and how to
do that safely! This is especially important when I was 38 weeks pregnant and
my 20-month-old nephew tragically passed away. With the shock and stress of
this, I went from 3 cm dilated and 40 % effaced with baby engaged to no
dilated, super thick, and baby Silas had ascended. My midwife suggested that I
do things to take care of myself and try to relax as much as possible. I knew I
needed to go see Brandice. She got me in that week to see her and was very
patient with me. I’m usually a talker when I get massaged but she reminded me
to relax and just clear my mind. She gave me more than a wonderful massage; she
provided much needed relaxation during this stressful and emotional time in my
life. I am extremely grateful to have had her loving hands take care of me!

Leighanne Carroll, Placenta Encapsulator

I have known Leighanne through the birth world for some time
now. She has always been vital in helping moms in breastfeeding support along
with the other La Leche League leaders. She also helps moms with car seat
safety and baby wearing. She has many gifts and talents but I was SO EXCITED to
get to use her for placenta encapsulation! I’ve referred all of my doula
clients to her since she has started doing this because of how professional and
knowledgeable she is. She loves to talk to her clients about the options they
have and answer their questions. She is great with arranging pick-up and
delivery after baby has arrived as well. I used the Traditional Method for my
encapsulation and also got chocolates J they were amazing! I
will continue to refer my doula clients to her and hope she’s around to help
for baby #3 (Lord willing!!)


Earthside is a new natural parenting gift shop located in
downtown Florence.
I love going up there to see all the amazing products and visit with other
moms. They have a little play area for kids so that you can actually look
around and shop! The owners are extremely knowledgeable and use these products
themselves so you know you’re getting great things from great people. I love
cloth diapering and used them with my first so I got a few super cute ones for
Silas. I also purchased Amber Teething necklaces for both my boys. And I cannot
tell y’all how obsessed I am with my Tula Baby Carrier that they helped me
figure out how to use! I love how they offer free classes for families and love
on our community so well. They are doing so much good for families of the

How amazing to have all these resources in the same zip
code?! I was beyond grateful for all these amazing people who helped me have
the best pregnancy and birth! Their support was priceless! Be sure to check out
their sites and pages and give your local support to them… you won’t regret it!

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