A Moment in Time

By Brock Trotter

Today was our oldest son’s 5th birthday party. As my wife and I sat at the table eating breakfast with him, my heart flooded with an unexplainable joy as I realized my little boy was graduating toddlerhood. A strange lump formed in my throat as my eyes began to almost moisten, looking at this handsome boy, smiling as he looked up at me. There are moments like this, that time almost stands still and you just know you will remember that moment for the rest of your life. I engaged him about the day, and even though he isn’t really interested, brought up memories from the day he was born. My wife and I just gush, thinking about the kids when they were so small. It’s an indescribable feeling to watch this beautiful little boy, grow up a little everyday. The love and joy is so overwhelming at times, I feel my heart can’t take anymore. As we talked with him, we also reached over every minute or so to feed our 18 month old, who is still very dependent on us to do things for him, which we cherish. Our 3 year old pops in and out every few minutes with a cute smirk on his face, grabbing food and running back to his room. In that moment as I look over at my beautiful bride, I am reminded of the joy I saw in her eyes the very first time we met. This joy has multiplied times 4 for me! Everyday there comes new challenges, frustrations, and changes, but that never deters my heart from the deposits of joy that have been put there by the Love we share. I’m reminded of a quote I read recently, “All of life is drenched in the Divine.” My wife and children are an expression of God to me. I see and experience the Divine, everyday as I see these beautiful faces. Challenges may be tough, but I am carried through them by knowing that I get to experience the full brunt of life with the 4 most amazing people on the planet. Thankful isn’t the word. Marriage and fatherhood are the two best things to ever happen to me!



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