A Doula’s Résumé

By Katie Terry, CLD

I am in the process of filing for re-certification with
CAPPA. This is something I have to do every three years to keep my credentials
up to date. I remember sitting during training and trying to take everything
in. In this moment I thought, “Wow, three years till I have to re-certify… that’ll
be awhile.”

These three years have flown by! Each mother I’ve supported
has been different in amazing ways. Each birth I’ve attended has given me more
insight in to this beautiful process. Each baby has shown their different
personalities from the get go. I’ve been able to attend different trainings,
read new studies, and engage with other birth professionals so that I am better
rounded as a doula. Point being, I’m continually being molded and grown in this
profession with a passion for knowledge and growth.

I’ve recently heard some misconceptions about doulas and
what qualified them for their work which is the inspiration for my post. I hope
that I can positively bring light on our trade.

A doula who happens to be a mother is not qualified to be a
doula just because she has given birth. Giving birth is no where on my
requirements for certification. If this were the case, women without children
and even men (yes, there are male doulas out there doing amazing things!) would
not be allowed to be doulas.  Our
personal birth experiences are not what qualify us to be doulas. Our education,
experience, and skills do. Our births empower us. But this is YOUR birth.

Also, there are moms who think they should hire a doula that
has experienced a certain type of birth themselves. Say a mom who desires a
natural birth wants to hire a doula that has experienced a natural birth. This
is a simple desire but I know some amazing doulas that have not had a natural
birth themselves. I’ve had two natural births myself but my births are about me
and my family. I even remember reminding myself during labor to take my doula
hat off and put my mom hat on. Yes, I’ve experienced it, but training,
education, and certifications make up my résumé as a doula. Not how many
babies I’ve had or how I’ve had them.

All this to say my work is more than attending a birth. My
work is about learning to support the mother and partner during the
childbearing years. The work of a doula is supporting women during their entire
pregnancy and journey in to motherhood whether it’s a new mom or a seasoned
mom, it’s a change!  I believe every
mother and couples need a doula. Take the time to get to know the different
doulas in your area so that you have *the one* for you who is qualified in their work and
a great fit for your family.


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